Friday, 20 January 2012


Well here I am down in sunny Costa Rica just getting ready for the coastal challenge route of fire (a 6 day 245km running stage race). We head out on Saturday morning towards the Nicaraugra border for the start.
Staying at a hostel in San Jose right now (awesome place with a pool and surrounded by palm trees, cheap at 13 bucks a night). I met up with King Richard (one of the main race organizers), and Dougie the Irish foot doctor, it was great to see some familiar from last year. Jude Ultra came in last night as well, for a whole different experiance than her last 2 years down here; She will be working as a volunteer this year instead of racing which I know will kill her, but she will be such a huge asset to the race with her experiance as an ultra racer and all the energy that she brings as well, so I´ll know she´ll work her butt off and be just as exhausted.

I ran a couple easy hours yesterday through dowtown San Jose to the soccer stadium and park, and what an adventure that was. I know zero Spanish and did not know where I was going, I dont reccomend it but I had a blast dodging cars (felt like the old arcade game frogger), people, snarly dogs, and sidewalks with huge cracks and holes in them (if youre ever down here please watch your step cause im not kidding about those large holes swallowing you up).

I feel pretty good and just getting ancy to start running (thanks Jonathan again for the sweet compressport trail socks and calf sleeves). I hope the feet and stomach hold together, so wish me luck and I´ll fill you all in when I´m back in civilization. Updates can be found on the leadmedia website and the 2012 coastal challenge website as well. Hi Brendan if youre following Dad!


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  1. Hey Chris...We were thinking/chatting about you on our Saturday club run, and the gang wishes you a great race! Glad to hear Jude made the trek as I'm sure she can lend advice and encouragement to help you get through the few ebbs you may encounter.

    Keep us apprised when you can...and don't forget to enjoy every moment.

    Bobi Muckle