Friday, 9 December 2011

Joining Em'

Well, hi everyone. Welcome to my first time blog, and first time entry. I am really so new to this blogging thing or even just writing at all so please bare with me (bad spelling, grammar, and way too much rambling on) and please let me know if I can do anything better.
I have been finding out as I become more and more involved in the running community (working at New Balance, doing more races, running my run clinics and run club) that I am meeting a lot more great people that are so kindly interested about my training adventures, travels, and results.
I really try and avoid all this techno stuff, but as the old saying goes....if you can't beat em', join em' (though if you know me I do always try and beat em' :). This is obviously an easier way for me to update people and keep in the social loop instead of sending out tons of text's after a race or awesome training weekend and learning and improving as a go along.
I guess I always thought that a lot of the stuff I do just was not that big of a deal or exciting enough to write about, but I guess sometimes like running 50km through the mountains spurr of the moment is something I have taken for granted (I really don't like to take anything for granted in life) and have found out that it can be quite inspiring for others (something I hope to achieve through this blog). I am very proud of a lot of the things I've accomplished and experianced through the past years of my life and would love to share some of those memories as well as we move along through my updates.
I just want to thank my son Brendan for helping get this started and I will continue with a little more about me and some of the adventure's I have planned coming up, just don't want to bore anybody right away (gotta start somewhere right?).

Peace and Love, Chris

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  1. looking forward to your aDVentures Chris.. welcome to the biG BAd blogger world.